Oil & Gas

Designed to maximize the performance of compute-intensive advanced visualization applications, NVIDIA® Quadro® specialty products are ideal solutions for Oil & Gas exploration.


The world is estimated to hold about 940 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and natural gas resources, much of it in remote and difficult to reach places, such as deep water, deserts, and arctic environments. Processing the seismic data to uncover these hidden resources is a complex task due to the large volumes of data that must be processed in order to generate accurate images of the earth’s subsurface for the subsequent identification of gas and oil.

To expose these opportunities, Oil & Gas companies are looking for new technologies to help increase the accuracy of exploration and production, while reducing risks and costs.

PNY provides a range of products to support the Oil & Gas industry including NVIDIA® Quadro® Graphics Cards which deliver the high-performing graphics computational power to accelerate applications and deliver accurate, visually intensive results. PNY Solid-State Drives and Memory products provide added performance support to help control data quality and visual accuracy.

PNY Offers Ideal Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry Use

Professional Graphics Cards: With NVIDIA Quadro professional solutions, engineers and earth scientist have a powerful new way to view larger seismic data sets – permitting precise exploration and accelerated discoveries. Providing the ultimate in workstation graphics performance and quality, NVIDIA GPUs provide scientists increasing accuracy of exploration.

Solid-State Drives: PNY Client and Enterprise Series SSDs, engineered for Client IT environments following JEDEC standards, provide the perfect solutions for complex transaction applications.  Delivering high performance, ultra-low power consumption,  AES 256-bit encryption and end-to-end data path protection with enhanced ECC, PNY SSDs provide secure data storage and support scalability as your demands escalate  These SSDs also offer more reliability and less power consumption than traditional hard drives.

Memory: PNY DRAM modules are available in high speed and low latency models, providing the perfect performance solutions to handle massive data-sets and time-critical computing processes with ease.

Flash Memory Cards: PNY Flash solutions accelerate processing data while supporting the scaling up of applications as demand grows. PNY Flash Memory Cards enable vast amounts of field-captured data to be simply and safely moved.

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